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Blue Ray Frequency Device. (Descendent of Tesla Violet Ray.)

Blue Ray Frequency Device. (Descendent of Tesla Violet Ray.)

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What if there was a way to restore your health, energy and focus, without having to take medications or rely on traditional treatments?

The Blue Ray is a portable, hand-held device that uses low frequency, high voltage electrical waves to promote healing and wellness.

It uses gentle electrical stimulation and plasma to help detoxify, reduce inflammation and pain, and stimulate the body's healing process.

Customers report feeling more energized and relieved of pain after using the The Blue Ray Frequency healing device.

Improved overall physical and mental well-being and an enhanced sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

You can enjoy a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness, helping you to feel better and live a healthier life.

Try the Blue Ray and experience the power of frequency healing for yourself.

A Little History on This Device

The Blue Ray is a descendent of the Violet Ray machine, a healing device created by Nikola Tesla and improved upon by Dr Jacques D'Arsonval. 

The Violet Ray was very common in the late 1800 to early 1900's up until around 1950.  Used by Doctors to treat an array of issues, and was also commonly found in hairdressers and the homes of the wealthy.  

Tesla recommended the violet Ray for many ailments, even hair regrowth.  Tesla also suggested that different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum might be used to treat medical conditions. 

Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval, pioneer in the field of electrotherapy, agreed.  He modified Tesla’s device to create an electrotherapy instrument and it was not long before a rush of companies began promoting their own versions under the name “Violet Ray.”

Edgar Cayce recommended the violet ray for healing in over 900 readings.  Cayce noted in one reading that when the electrical force in an organ becomes weak in its ability to reproduce the balance necessary for the support of the physical body, that portion becomes deficient.

Violet rays were popular in the early 1900s.  At that time a device cost the equivalent of about $4,000 today.  There were many companies making them, but the last one was driven out of business by Big Pharma’s FDA in the 1950s. 

Thankfully the technology has not been lost and modern versions are available like the Blue Ray high frequency device. 

Healing Benefits

These high frequency devices can stimulate growth and healing in your body through their electron flow.  They can also kill microorganisms, such as those causing acne, a sore throat, toothache, athlete’s foot. 

It typically can  permeate a half inch or so beneath the skin. Here are more benefits:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Relieves toothache
  3. Hair regrowth
  4. Re-energizes you
  5. Helps heal acne and blemishes
  6. Accelerates wound healing.  (do not use directly on wound but surrounding area)
  7. Stimulates blood flow and improves blood circulation 
  8. Anti-aging
  9. Helps heal scar tissue
  10. Improves lymph activity
  11. Nourishes skin
  12. Enhances cell metabolism
  13. Calms inflammation
  14. Sterilizes bacteria

The high frequency electrotherapy is delivered through the glass electrode to apply to the skin. 

With the historic Violet Ray machines, you would need to choose between using Argon Gas which glows in the famous violet colour or Neon Gas which glows orange.

Both gases have unique healing properties.  Argon is recognised as reducing inflammation, while Neon revitalises and rejuvenates.

With this model (named after Dr Jacques D'arsonval who improved upon Tesla's original violet ray model) the two gases are combined, giving optimal healing.  As a result the electrodes glow blue. (See pictures)

The Blue Ray also emits Ozone that sterilizes pathogens as did the original Violet Ray.

6 Glass Electrodes
An electrical generator

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You can download a detailed user guide with protocols for this device here


Please note that due to high demand, this product could take 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.  


1. The Blue Ray Device is a certified household device, it is not a medical device. It has been certified “safe to use” and it emits no harmful radiation.

2. No information shared here is to be considered medical advice, but for educational purposes only.

3. Please make sure to read the contraindications and keep them in mind when using the device

A. Do not use this device on any metal implants, nor on anyone who has a pacemaker

B. Do not use this device on any open wounds.

C. It is contraindicated for people with congenital heart disease and acute diseases.

4. It is contraindicated for menstruation and pregnancy.

5. Use the device at your own risk

6. It is best to start slow with the device and gradually increase time.

7. Always consult your healthcare professional with any questions regarding any medical condition or specific guidance regarding the optimal use of the device.


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