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Terahertz Frequency Stone Pendant. Acupressure Energy Point.

Terahertz Frequency Stone Pendant. Acupressure Energy Point.

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Have the healing power of terahertz with you all the time with a piece of Terahertz stone jewellery.

Protect yourself from harmful EMF and boost the health of your cells by wearing this beautiful pendant.  It is approx 45mm long x 10mm in diameter.  

Pendant can also be held on meridian or acupuncture points for healing on specific regions.

Understand Why Terahertz Frequency is Powerful

The terahertz frequency has the same level of resonance as the healthy cells in our body.   Therefore, it can energise and activate cells to stimulate self repair, while eliminating dormant cells.

Terahertz stone was originally discovered in Japan.  Japanese scientists discovered that if they extracted the silica from sand then a stone that vibrated at the terahertz frequency could be created. 

The stone was created originally to protect humans from harmful electromagnetic radiation but many benefits have been found since.

Wearing terahertz jewellery means you can benefit from the following health enhancing and energising effects:

  • Increases the self healing ability in the body
  • Maintains a state of health and harmony in the body
  • Protects against harmful EMFs
  • Activates dormant cells
  • Eliminates unhealthy cells
  • Cleanses blood impurities


Terahertz Stone Metaphysical Properties

Terahertz stone resonates with the frequency of your mind and body. This gives it the ability to stimulate your brain cells and balance the functioning of the left and right sides of the brain for a harmonious relation. 

The stone is said to bring new ideas and stir your creative side. This can bring new inventions and innovations into your life. 

Terahertz is also believed to have immense powers when it comes to manifestation. Working with the stone can help you manifest your deepest thoughts and desires. It clears the brain of heavy and negative thoughts and allows a free flow of thoughts.

If you use the Terahertz crystal regularly, you may find yourself feeling a deeper connection to higher realms. You may see an increase in understanding of life and its purposes, and you may feel more acceptance as well. 

The crystal can also help you in understanding yourself and your true wishes. When you have your chosen path in your mind, it will make you more confident and you will be able to take steps in the right direction. 

Terahertz Stone Physical Healing Properties

Terahertz, with its strong vibrations, is known for its physical healing properties. The stone is immensely beneficial for the circulatory system because it may improve circulation and eliminate blood clots, too. 

Vibration is associated with warmth, and this is another benefit of terahertz. The crystal is said to prevent and aid in recovery from hypothermia. When the body is warm, it will function better in all aspects. 

A unique property associated with this stone is its ability to protect the wearer from electromagnetic rays and other harmful radiations. The immune system can also benefit from the stone. 

Terahertz Emotional Healing Properties

Terahertz is believed to have a cleansing and calming effect on emotional health. You will be able to stay calm as you delve more deeply into your thoughts and emotions. This means that you will not be controlled by negative emotions and feel less overwhelmed. 

The vibrations of the stone are known to break cycles of repetitive and vicious thoughts, bringing in positive vibes and emotions. Suppressed feelings may arise, but you will find within you the strength to face them and put them away for good. 


Please note that due to high demand this product could take 2-4 weeks shipping time.



No information shared here is to be considered medical advice, but for educational purposes only.

Always consult your healthcare professional with any questions regarding any medical condition or specific guidance regarding the Terahertz stone or terahertz water.

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